Hi!  I’m  Jennifer Mathieu, young adult novelist, mom, teacher, wife, friend, pop culture obsessive, and about a million other things, too.

If you’re finding this blog and want to know more about my writing for young adults (and I hope you do!), please visit my author website.

It seems everything a person can say about writing sounds corny or quaint or expected.  (“Writing is my passion” or “I’ve been writing since I was a little girl.”)  Both of those statements are true about me, but this blog is not meant to be heavy duty.  Instead, I just want it to be a place where I can share some of my work, both funny and serious.

In my younger years, I wrote a lot of navel-gazing personal essays –  some good, some gawd-awful. As I got older, I started writing for a few pop culture blogs and enjoyed gazing (and analyzing) Saved by the Bell reruns and Mad Men instead of my own navel.  Some of my not gawd-awful personal essays have appeared in The Washington Post, The Texas Observer, BUST, and the Seal Press essay collection Going Alone: Women’s Adventures in the Wild.  Several of the pieces on this blog have also been included in the Dallas Museum of Art’s reading series, Texas Bound.

Now my focus is on writing young adult literature.  Fortunately, I have plenty of grist for the mill.  During the day, I teach teenagers to read, write, think, and (on a really good day) not to fall asleep while I teach them about conjunctions.  When I’m not doing that, I devour YA literature and create my own characters and stories.  I am represented by the wonderful Kerry Sparks of Levine Greenberg Rostan.  My first novel, The Truth About Alice, was named the Children’s Book Council Teen Choice Debut Award of 2015 as well as an Amazon Editors’ pick for Best YA Novels of 2014.  My second novel, Devoted, was warmly received and earned a starred review from Booklist.  I have three books forthcoming from Roaring Brook Press, with the third set to debut on September 20, 2016.

I live in Texas with my funny husband, adorable son, one very loyal rescue dog, one fat cat, and one cat that is even fatter than the fat cat.

Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey i really have no idea if this real….like r u going to comment on what im writing? r u already discusted with my spelling and use of letters for words. well u opened this up to the public, i guess, so heres what you’re getting and of course like you have stated b4 stop reading if u don’t like it….anyway what i just thought of is this whole texting bullsh*t remember Prince and Purple Rain? that mofo has been using abbreviated words 4ever..so i saw the Purple Rain tour which should give u an idea of my age or mayb im just assuming everyone has to know of the movie and music with enveloped me my junior of high school…i still have the concert shirt..the worst part is there are dates on it…..i guess it really doesnt matter b/c everything gets reproduced anyway….im not sure if websters has included additonal meaning to the word vintage by now…but they ought to….i hate that word “hoodie” it is especially bad when my 71 yr. old father says it….i still think of hoodie as a tready word that should have been way past its prime by now….like the word “face” we did that in 8th grade while simultaneously placing your open hand over your face to make sure there was no mistaking what you were communicating AKA “you got burned” I mean if i just said “face” when I was 13 it wouldn’t have worked i also just remembered you didnt just say face you had to place a lot of emphasis on the C as in “facccccccccccce” really i imaged googled pajama jeans b/c i just saw the ad on tv and i was thinking maybe there were funny pics or parodies….your pic was the only one that didnt belong (the rest were like pics from the ad on tv ) so that is y i am even here okay? Geeez! and it should be obvious to u that i have a very fufilling busy life….gosh i could go on…but who wants to know or cares? that show Cheaters is on…..amazing how some people get (that’s a good example, the word Peeps came and went as it should have, but not hoodie) totally busted and deny it and then hop in the Cheaters van and resolve the issue and get taken back right away……like Paul Simon sang…”who do who do u think you’re foolin’?” i would be the sap to go back after taking the time and trouble and i guess deparate need to discover if i was being cheated on by calling a show and then watching some video of my partner ( i happen to like the new usage of that word, its not really new, but im sure websters made an adjustment and added another meaning to it) and speakinf of words despite and in spite mean the same thing i think but its like they should mean the opposite of each other and i think i spelled in spite wrong i guess it is one word i think i have always found an alternative way to say despite b/c i never know for sure if i am using it correctly) by now i have now idea how many of these things (……) i am knee deep into (brackets i dont know what to call them) and it should be obvious that my thoughts are continuous and everything reminds me of something else ANYWAY seriously im going to stop

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